365 Days-365 Beautiful Words

Resolutions…many of us make them. They typically consist of better eating habits, losing weight or a work related goal. While all of these are excellent resolutions, I pondered them all. Then… it finally came to me. Make a list of beautiful, positive and helpful words! Then start using them. Adding to our vocabulary is a great idea. As a Realtor selling College Station real estate, I’m always trying to find descriptive words when marketing properties. We have a few different sources as well as a team of very creative individuals who collaborate when marketing homes, but this project is more of a personal journey or project which made my heart smile when it came to me! Where did this thought originate? I’m not sure, but when asked I thought about a New Year’s day text message from my mom. She said, “I put on my dancing music to get my happy going,” and I thought everyone has different ways to get their happy going. Hmmm, I like beautiful words and I like a challenge.


Finding a happy place is something we need as human beings, a place that soothes our mind, relaxes our bodies and rejuvenates our soul. Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that my happy place is beside water. Whether it’s a lake, a river or an ocean, my mind and body seem to relax. I find peace and happiness in the tranquility of mother nature’s beautiful creatures, the sound of the light breeze through the trees and the beauty of rippling water or calm waters that reflect the heavenly skies above. Throughout the year my goal is to visit my happy places and find beautiful words to ponder.

Looking for other places to find beautiful words, I decided to post a question on Facebook asking for the most beautiful, helpful and positive words. I  woke this morning to find some beautiful thoughts from friends on words as simple as “hello.”  This word can mean so much to someone who just needed a kind word; or the word “forgiven,” which is an extremely powerful word in my opinion that has definitely made it onto the list! Others suggested love, faith, hope, honesty and Jesus.  All are very enduring words and definitely give you warm, positive beautiful feelings when spoken. I am analyzing all forms of each word to find the most beautiful form in my mind. Examples would be faith, faithful, faithfully, faithfulness; which form speaks to you more?  Again, it’s just my opinion the root word “Faith” made it onto the list. It has such a beautiful peace about it the second you speak the word and the meaning is different for those who use this beautiful word. I’ve asked my Facebook friends to share any words that come to mind for my project and I will share them with you January 2015.

 If you would like to share a beautiful word with me, I invite you to do so. Have an amazing 2014 and good luck on your New Year’s journey.


Photography provided by Tony Gardner-Local College Station Friend-Thank You!


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