Kenny Football!

Kenny Hill dominates first 4 quarters of SEC play in 2014 USATSI

Groups met to welcome back the victorious Aggies, as they returned from delivering South Carolina a crushing blow. Early predictions favored a South Carolina victory and held little hope for the boys in maroon. Little did they know the secret weapon Coach Sumlin had would be a game changer- Kenny Hill. Or should we call him Kenny Football?
Johnny has already transferred his endearing nickname to Kenny in a tweet exclaiming “KENNY FOOTBALL,” among other words of encouragement for the team. So, what should we expect from our new starting QB? Is it too soon to dream of another first year Heisman winner?
Whether Coach Sumlin is worried about that now, he has a great deal to be proud of tonight. The win- rather, the slaughter- the Aggies brought over the gamecocks came as a surprise to the Aggies, fans, journalists, and Coach Spurrier himself. Headcoach for the Gamecocks, Spurrier said his team “got man-handled tonight.” He admitted utter defeat at his post game press conference, leaving one to almost feel sympathetic for the overly hyped South Carolina team.
The Aggies first gameday was a success; now we wait to see how Saturday’s games play out and learn how much Texas A&M will move up in the rankings. Any guesses?

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