Planting A Tree

It’s that time of year!


Trees are dormant in winter and it’s the perfect time to plant an array of trees. Trees are beneficial to the world in so many ways, they clean the air, save water, help prevent pollution. They provide a wonderful sense of peace and beauty while providing a habitat for wildlife including birds, squirrels and many others.


Trees add value and curb appeal to your property.  After 17 years selling College Station real estate I can say approximately 50-75% of home buyers include trees on their want list or want to be in an established tree shaded neighborhood, thus making your property more appealing to buyers.


May I suggest taking the time to select a tree and make planting it a family fun day. Plant a tree for a newborn that’s on the way so they can play in the shade it provides as they grow.  Or in memory of a loved one that passed or just name one for any silly reason. Your future holds memories picnicking under the shade of your new tree or swinging from a rope or hammock enjoying beautiful sunny spring days.  Just as the century tree at Texas A&M University campus provides so many amazing memories, engagements, wedding photos and more, so can your very own tree. What are you waiting for? Make let’s make Aggieland more beautiful together one tree at a time.


For help selecting the type of tree to plant check out Texas A & M University website or your local nursery.


For help buying or selling a home in Bryan/ College Station call or visit the BCS Dream Team 979-846-TEAM(8326)

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